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Currently there is a lot of discussion regarding the negative impact of plastic packaging on the environment; 8 million tonnes of plastic is floating in our oceans. The benefits of plastic however, are numerous; plastic has proven to be a very efficient packaging material especially in regard to keeping items protected and uncontaminated.  But there’s no denying the fact that plastic is overused.


In response to consumer concerns, the plastic industry has acted to lessen the material’s environmental impact. Plastic is mostly made from oil, therefore it’s not easy to recycle. However, some plastics can be recycled and made into new plastics whereas the rest can be incinerated to produce energy. The recyclability of plastic is dependent on its composition and the complexity of polymers involved.

ABC Tissue are constantly working on new and innovative ways to improve the ecological integrity of our product. We are currently using a low weight durable material under Plastic Identification Class No. 4 (also called LDPE - low density polyethylene). This is a multi-layered film product that is much thinner than normal, reducing plastic resin by more than 27%. Over 50% of recycling plants have facilities for the recycling of this material. Although this is not often recycled through curb-side programs, we recommend recycling the plastic wrapper via collection bins found in Countdown, The Warehouse and Huckleberry Stores. From there, Future Post NZ turns domestic and commercial plastic waste into premium fencing products (for further information, please click on link -

We realise that this is not the ultimate solution. Paper wrapping would be ideal, but the product currently available is coated in wax for sanitation purposes and would take just as long to break down as the plastic we are currently using.

NB:  ABC Tissue sell 2ply, 400 sheet, single paper wrapped Earthcare rolls in cartons of 48 through Nationwide Distributors


Plastic Colletction Bin-378-962  Soft Plastic Collection Bin

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  • Earthcare Toilet Tissue and Kitchen Roll Towel cores, Paper Toilet Tissue Wrappers, Commercial Paper Hand Towels and Commercial Facial Tissue Boxes are designed to biodegrade on compost bins or worm farms. 
  • Earthcare Toilet Tissue, Commercial Hand Towels and Facial Tissue will quickly turn to 'mush' when placed in a toilet system which makes Earthcare products ideal for Pre-Schools, Schools, Septic Tanks, Campervans and Boats.
  • Earthcare Tissue Paper is oxygen bleached (chlorine-free) and uses a virtually chemical-free manufacturing process.

Enviromark Gold GS 2-230 FSC(copy)(copy)                          
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As a manufacturer of natural products ABC Tissue Products is acutely aware of the importance of the environment. Clearly the sustainability of forests and ecosystems that provide us with raw materials are crucial to our future success.

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